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The Fort Delaware Society is now offering Descendant's Certificates to the General Public as a Fund Raising Project to raise money for our Annual Operating Fund. If your ancestor, or the ancestor of a person you know was a prisoner or guard or civilian detainee or employee at Fort Delaware during the Civil War, you may honor that ancestor by making a $25 unrestricted contribution to our Annual Operating Fund.

As our way of saying "Thank You" for your contribution, the Society will provide you with a personalized Descendant's Certificate accompanied by a personal letter from the President of the Society. The Society does not charge a research fee for any Heritage Research. Any research done prior to creating this certificate is part of our mission to learn as much as we can about the men and women who were part of the historic Fort Delaware story.

The Fort Delaware Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, chartered in 1950, and dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of historic Fort Delaware. Our current mission statement is presented on the Home Page to this website. Your unrestricted contribution to our Annual Operating Fund is tax deductible.

Current restoration and interpretative projects too small to require project accounting and not directly related to "bricks and mortar" are funded from the Annual Operating Fund. Some recent examples are the restoration and maintenance work done on the two field guns, and the purchase of display cases for Society historic collections. Recent expenditures to promote historic Fort Delaware include outreach display materials, a video about Fort Delaware, and brochures on Fort Delaware State Park and Fort DuPont State Park.

 ♦  A Descendants' Certificate suitable for framing, plus a personal letter of thanks from the President of the Fort Delaware Society for your contribution.

 ♦  A great way to commemorate the war time service of a Civil War ancestor. An excellent gift idea for other family members.

 ♦  Our way of saying "Thank You" for each unrestricted gift of $25 to the Fort Delaware Society Annual Operating Fund.

Click here to see a full size PDF image of the Descendant's Certificate

Be sure to give us (1) your name, or the name of the person for whom the certificate is intended as a gift, and (2) the name of the soldier or civilian at historic Fort Delaware as you want them to appear on the Certificate.

We will verify the dates your ancestor was at Fort Delaware from our records and other resources. Please give us as much information about your ancestor as you know - name, rank, unit of service, place of residence from which he entered the army, etc. Many men had the same or similar names. Your e-mail address will help us finalize the correct information.

Click here for a PDF version of our Special Contribution Form. 

Please print this form and send it to:

Fort Delaware Society

 P. O. Box 553

Delaware City, DE 19706

  You may make your contribution to the Society Annual Operating Fund by

(1) sending your personal check or money order to the Society or 2) you may make your donation separately through PayPal by clicking on the PayPal button below. Regardless of your choice of method for submitting your contribution, you will need to fill out and mail in the Special Contribution Form.

Descendants Certificate Donation  Acceptance Mark Through PayPal

Donations, membership dues & purchase payments can be made via PayPal.

For more information call (302) 834-1630 or send e-mail.

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