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Fort Delaware & Pea Patch Island

  • Fetzer, Dale and Bruce Mowday, "Unlikely Allies: Fort Delaware's Prison Community and the Civil War" (Stackpole Books, 2000)

  • Handy, Reverend Isaac W. K., DD., "United States Bonds; or Duress by Federal Authority: A Journal of Current Events During an Imprisonment of Fifteen Months at Fort Delaware" (Turnbull Brothers, Baltimore, 1874)

A current reprint of Handy's Diary is available through the Publications & Merchandise page on this site.

  • Snyder, Frank E. and Brian H. Guss, "The District: A History of the Philadelphia U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1866-1971" (U. S. Army Engineer District, Philadelphia, 1974)

  • Speer, Lonnie R., "Portals to Hell: Military Prisons of the Civil War" (Stackpole Books, 1997)

  • Temple, Brian, "The Union Prison at Fort Delaware: A Perfect Hell on Earth" (McFarland, North Carolina, 2003)

  • Wilson, E. Emerson, editor, "A Fort Delaware Journal: The Diary of a Yankee Private, A. J. Hamilton, 1862-1865" (Fort Delaware Society, 1981)

  Hamilton's Diary is available through the Publications & Merchandise page on this site.


Regional Politics Impacted Pea Patch Island

  • Dusinberre, William, "Civil War Issues in Philadelphia, 1856-1865" (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1965)

  • Gillette, William, "Jersey Blue: Civil War Politics in New Jersey, 1854-1865" (Rutgers University Press, 1995)

  • Hancock, Harold Bell, "Delaware During the Civil War: A Political History" (Historical Society of Delaware, Reprint by Delaware Heritage Commission, 2003)

  • Reed, Thomas J., Andrew McKay, and Reverend Anthony R. Wade, "Untying the Knot: Delaware During the War Between the States" (Broadfoot Publishing, 2001)

  • Sheads, Scott Sumpter, and Daniel Carroll Toomey, "Baltimore during the Civil War" (Toomey Press, 1997)

General Background Reading

  • Adams, George W., "Doctors in Blue: The Medical History of the Union Army in the Civil War" (Louisiana State University Press, 1952)

  • Beitzell, Edwin W., "Point Lookout Prison Camp for Confederates" (St. Mary's County Historical Society, Maryland, 1983)

  • Cunningham, H. H., "Doctors in Gray: The Confederate Medical Service" (Louisiana State University Press, 1958)

  • Denny, Robert E., "Civil War Prisons & Escapes: A Day-by-Day Chronicle" (Sterling Publishing, New York City, 1993)

  • Horigan, Michael, "Elmira: Death Camp of the North" (Stackpole Books, 2002)

  • Hyman, Harold Melvin, "Era of the Oath: Northern Loyalty Tests During the Civil War and Reconstruction" (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1954)

  • Levy, George, "To Die in Chicago: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas, 1862-1865" (Evanston Publishing, Illinois, 1994)

  • Marvel, William, "Andersonville: The Last Depot" (University of North Carolina, 1994)

  • Steiner, Paul E., Ph.D., M.D., "Disease in the Civil War: Natural Biological Warfare in 1861-1865" (Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Illinois, 1968)


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